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Binary Options Scheme Tradorax Part II – The money flow, Payobin, Moneta International and other connected schemes

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A few days ago FinTelegram published the report about the binary options scheme Tradorax and explained the background. Although this scheme was officially run by the Per Gunnar Astrom, it was with strong Israeli participation. The legal opinion was given by the Israeli lawyer Moshe Strugano and the payment transactions were handled by the Israeli Eyal Nachum and Tamir Zoltovski and their Payobin platform. Moreover, we have evidence that their Lithuanian Moneta International UAB was also heavily involved in binary options scheme. Here is the report!

Broker scams and payment services providers

Between 2013 and 2017, Tradorax was one of the many fraudulent binary options scams that cheated tens of thousands of retail investors in North America, Europe, Australia, and the Middle East by hundreds of millions. The payment service providers (PSP) involved laundered and moved the funds for these broker scams. Without the involvement of financial services providers, this gigantic binary options scam would definitely not have been possible.

Tradorax communication with Eyal Nachum and PayobinFrom the tons of documents FinTelegram has worked through with his advisors, the Israeli Payobin of Eyal Nachum, Tamir Zoltovski and their frontman Oded Jeremitsky appear again and again. The same goes for Tradorax. We have emails that explain who the Tradorax people communicated directly with Eyal Nachum about payment transactions. Nachum denied excitedly to FinTelegram that he or his companies Payobin or Moneta International had worked with binary options scams. The emails prove the opposite. Specifically, Geri Borisova of Tradorax reported urgent problems with payments to him on 30 August 2016.

Moneta International and Binary Options

As evidence that the Lithuanian Moneta International UAB was also involved in binary options as PSP after its registration as in June 2016, we may refer to corresponding emails. For example, the following from the former compliance department of Moneta International.

Moneta International complianceAs can be seen from the email on the left, the binary options scam operators apparently were registered as merchants with Moneta International UAB.

  • DAO Group – Goldman Options (report)
  • AM CapitalTradorax (report)
  • Royalty Capital
  • G.M. Marketing GroupTradeSolid (report)
  • UTech
  • SSG Media – GreyMountaing Media (report)

Of course, Payobin and Moneta International were not in direct contact with the customer victims of their scam merchants. However, these PSPs and others coordinated the payments of these scams and facilitated them as can be seen from the email traffic and the other documents.


For honest PSPs, cooperation with the authorities and the victims of the scams is therefore the highest duty. Any denial of such cooperation for whatever reason makes these PSPs complicit in the fraud of retail investors by these scams.SSG Media and Moneta InternationalAnother Moneta email to the right confirms that SSG Media Ltd was a merchant of Moneta International UAB. SSG Media Ltd, in turn, was part of the binary options scam of GreyMountaint Management Ltd of Israeli David Cartu.

We have not been able to detect any gaps of evidence in our documentation. It’s plainly conclusive. At least the funds of defrauded retail investors of the binary options scams mentioned above can be traced via Payobin and Moneta International to the attackers and beneficial owners.

This is at least what this email from the compliance department to a FinTelegram known payment partner claims. To this day, Eyal Nachum and Tamir Zoltovski deny any involvement of their companies in the binary options industry. They never worked with scams. Thousands of pages of reviewed documents, however, suggest the very opposite.

Follow the money to expose and recover

FinTelegram and EFRI work closely together with investigating authorities in various countries. Therefore, we know that the authorities have also recognized that the trace of the money is the most promising way in uncovering binary option and broker scams and find the perpetrators. PSPs such as Payobin, Moneta International or MoneyNet International have all the documentation you need to find these perpetrators and the stolen money. And recover at least part of it for the victims.

For honest PSPs, cooperation with the authorities and the victims of the scams is, therefore, the highest duty. Any denial of such cooperation for whatever reason makes these PSPs complicit in the fraud of retail investors by these scams.

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