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Bluetrading Scam Update – The Bitcoin-Domain Deal in 2017

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On Aug 9, 2017, the US domain trader and founder of and, Mike Mann, posted on Facebook that he sold the domain for $12,000 in Bitcoin which equated to around 3.5BTC back then in the evolving crypto hype. Mann himself allegedly acquired the domain in 2009 for $100 and made a decent ROI even though it was a rather small deal for this big domain dealer.

Because of the payment in bitcoins, the perpetrators may not even be known to Mike. Reportedly, it was a beach transaction Mike said and most likely the transaction was done via anonymous bitcoin wallets online via phone or notebook.

The transaction seems to be real because some well-known bloggers and online media confirmed the domain transaction back then. Mike Mann himself is a veteran domain trader and investor (read this article, for example, which also mentions in the comments). was one largest domain traders before he successfully exited the company. Mike regularly shares domain trade data via his Twitter account and has amassed some impressive five and six-figure sales. That said, the transactions in Aug 2017 with $12,000 or 3.5BTC was not one of his big deals.

The scam evidently started in Summer 2017 as he ended in Feb 2019 – in the dark side of the web. We already reached out to Mike Mann and requested intel on the transaction but we are not too confident to receive valuable intel.

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If you have been a victim and/or you have information about the scam and its perpetrators and/or the involved payment services providers (PSP) such as B2G GmbH, TrustSecure GmbH, StronIT GmbH or SecurityPort GmbH and boiler rooms please share it with FinTelegram using our whistleblower system. If you lost money and would like to join our EFRI campaign please file your claim here on EFRI:

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