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Dear Alpha Marketing Director Keso Beselia!

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Reference: E&G Bulgaria’s Illegal Broker Scheme

On Saturday, 23 March 2019 around 7pm London time I received a call from a woman who introduced herself as Tamar. She would be the lawyer of Keso Beselia, hence your lawyer. You are a citizen of Georgia and apparently act as director of Alpha Marketing, the subsidiary of E&G Bulgaria in Georgia. E&G Bulgaria is one of the largest operators of illegal FOREX & crypto brokerage schemes in Europe and has defrauded dozens of thousands of retail investors by many millions of euros. And continues to do so!

Among the perpetrators are not only the principals such as Gal Barak or Marina Andreeva but also the lieutenants such as Kfir Levy or you. As the management of the E&G Bulgaria Group, you are responsible for the employees in your boiler rooms which deprive investors of their money with lies every single day. They willfully and knowingly defraud retail investors on the ground of illegally acquired personal data. They call their victims in violation of the respective European laws.

In this respect, the management is to be regarded as a perpetrator of the fraud scheme of E&G Bulgaria. As director of Alpha Marketing, you are definitely part of this management.

Your alleged lawyer Tamar complained on the phone that your name and data are mentioned on the FinTelegram website. Thus FinTelegram would violate data protection regulations, she argued. Isn’t that ridiculous? The lawyer of an outlaw argues with data protection law – a law, you are breaching each single day by buying and selling customer data. This Tamara has threatened FinTelegram with the court in case we would not immediately remove the data of Keso Beselia from the website. After careful consideration, we decided against it and informed this Tamara via WhatsApp. Let us give you our reasons.

  • Your company does not care about any existing law, let alone EU data protection in the first place.
  • Your group deals with private data of your victims “big style”, i.e. you buy and sell the data of your victims and give a shit about data protection, right?
  • Your employees cheat on investors every given day in boiler rooms using fake IDs, alias and false names. That’s the mission of the group you are working for. You call that retention management, we call it fraud!
  • That said, I find the approach of trying to hide behind EU data protection laws downright ridiculous.
  • Unlike you, FinTelegram respects the law. We do our best to protect retail investors from people like you.

People like you should be pulled in front of the curtain with their real names. We would expressly welcome any complaint and court appearance. Then we could finally discuss your fraud at length in court. Please let me tell you that FinTelegram is always open to discuss anything but will never support fraudsters.

Finally, and this is the best part, I would just like to state that this Tamara didn’t want to tell me her last name or her contact details when asked.

Best regards

Tamir Cohen

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