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European Enforcement Action in Bulgaria Against Global Cybercrime Organization (Visual)

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The enforcement actions of Bulgarian, German and Austrian police authorities in Bulgaria and other countries against the operators of illegal broker and binary options sites such as SafeMarkets, XtraderFX, Golden Markets or OptionStars are taking on ever larger dimensions. At first, it was assumed that the criminal network would be a European scheme with connections to Israel. Now it appears that the Wolf of Sofia, is only the European deputy principal for the worldwide cybercrime Enterprise (a term from the U.S. indictment) of Gery “Gabi” SHALON.

According to the documents available to us, Gabi SHALON, indicted in the U.S., is indeed the head of this organization. The European Cybercrime branch of this global organization was based in Sofia, Bulgarian. Before the current crackdown. In the middle of the EU. The vast criminal network extends from the United States and Europe to Georgia, Russia, Israel, and Asia. Hundreds of millions of illicit funds were laundered and channeled through joint companies such as Bulgarian TRADOLOGIC, GPay, Online Prospect, and offshore constructions. Covered by politicians in Bulgaria and Georgia.

Below a first visual investigative scenario that will be explained in more detail over the next couple of days and weeks as enforcement actions and investigations progress. Please click on the visual to learn more about the people and entities enclosed.

The visual and reports on this global cybercrime case will be continued soon. We are aware of some fake sites the work with distorted FinTelegram articles and intel for their own purpose which we very much appreciate. It actually shows that FinTelegram is on the right path to educate and protect investors.

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If you have information and findings on this illicit network we would be more than happy to hear from you via our whistleblower system. Become part of our “fight cybercrime” movement:

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