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Funny Criminals: FinTelegram Fake Sites Popping Up

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Thanks to the support of many whistleblowers and the close cooperation with attorneys, authorities and other investigative parties, FinTelegram has developed positively over the past months. Our medium occupies the niche of investigative cybercrime reporting with a special focus on online investments. We know that we are still at the beginning and have to work hard on ourselves. In fact, the best compliment for a medium like FinTelegram is when other sites adopt articles and start shooting against the people of FinTelegram. This is what happens to FinTelegram just now, FinTelegram fake sites have been popping up over the last couple of weeks. But who wants a fake when the original is better? Even more so, if the fake sites are of such minor quality and difficult to read.

FinTelegram Fakes – Better Stay With Gucci

The people behind Gery SHALON‘s cybercrime network have already attacked FinTelegram in October 2018 with massive DDOS attacks. Soon after the DDOS attacks, some FinTelegram fake sites launched pretending to be cybercrime fighter while they are the cybercriminals. Funny, isn’t it? On these sites, FinTelegram articles are published, which are modified in the sense of the operators of these fake sides. A diversionary maneuver that at best shows how correct and important the articles on FinTelegram are.

We are always available for discussions when it comes to making articles better or correcting mistakes. So far, we have rarely had to make corrections. This is also because we make every effort to research carefully and publish reports and speculations based exclusively on facts.

So, why look at FinTelegram fake sites if you can have the original? Except for entertainment, maybe. Better stay with Gucci :).

Much Enemy Much Honour

In this respect, we would like to thank the operators of the FinTelegram fake pages. This not only helps the topic of investigative cybercrime reporting in general but also FinTelegram. Keep it up, please!

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