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Indicted JPMorgan Chase Hacker Gery Shalon Lost European Branch And People

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With changing times and technology, criminals have taken to the world wide web and just like the real world, there are entire syndicates operating behind the internet’s veil. One such syndicate is helmed by one of the most notorious cybercriminals, the man believed to be behind the 2014 JPMorgan Chase hack, Gery Shalon, and his European branch was just sacked by European enforcement agencies in Bulgaria.

Gery Shalon has got a talent of driving people into legal troubles and right into court and jail. On the list of people, Gery SHALON has snitched on are among others:

  • Peter Levashov
  • Ziv Orenstein
  • Andrei Tyurin
  • Gal Barak
  • Piotr Smirnow
  • Patryk Surmacki
  • Nissan Israeli
The Cybercrime Network or Gery Shalon
The Gery Shalon Network

The Cybercrime Empire

The Israeli Shalon and his associates have been known to run a vast cybercrime network engaged in activities ranging from hacking personal data to financial fraud, money laundering, and extortion. He is believed to have run over 10 online casinos, a crypto exchange and black market payment processing services which facilitated the sale of drugs and other illegal items.

Shalon, according to reports, has made hundreds of millions via his criminal activities and laundered all the money before parking it in safe havens across Europe.

The internet was not Shalon’s only weapon, he is also known to have used his connections with the mob and gang members to physically intimidate and threaten businesses he wished to extort.

Arrest And Indictment

In 2016, Shalon was extradited from Israel to the United States. The U.S. prosecutors filed an indictment already in 2015 accusing Shalon and his co-conspirator of operating a vase cybercrime enterprise. and of the hacking of JPMorgan and other financial institutions in the U.S. While all further proceedings are sealed, it is believed that he is cooperating with authorities and helping them apprehend criminals he has associated with or has information about.

Shalon’s cooperation is believed to be behind the arrests of Russian hacker Peter Levashov, former employees Ziv ORENSTEIN, Andrei TYURIN and most recently, Gal BARAK. It is believed that SHALON is still working with his partner Vladislav SMIRNOV, and seeking his help to snitch on other Russian hackers and cybercriminals.

According to people close to Shalon, Vladislav SMIRNOV was initially involved in Shalon’s scheme. Shalon may be able to extend his leniency deal with the U.S. authorities. He seems determined to put everyone around him in danger for his own profit, including SMIRNOV, who is understood to be residing in Russia.

Two of his associates were Polish hackers in the UK, Piotr Smirnow and Patryk Surmacki who were arrested after they attempted to extort an online Casino, seeking a 50% stake in it and its source code. Apart from this, Shalon is still behind several fake news websites, where he pushes propaganda and published information he receives from his existing contacts after it is “fixed” to suit his extortion and blackmailing agendas.

The Daily Beast article on Gery Shalon

Shalon is also known to have routinely engaged in conducting cyber attacks against his competitors and companies he wished to extort. With his connections and using his group of hackers, he ordered DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks to shut down legitimate businesses and force them to meet his demands. Unfortunately, some of these activities are still ongoing at Shalon’s behest, and it remains to be seen when his reign of cybercrime is truly going to come to an end.

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