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Sponsorship Applications

Spread financial intelligence

Up to now, FinTelegram is financed by government grants, donations and by whistleblower sponsorships. Due to many requests, we decided to open up a new field: research reports.

In case you want us to investigate a specific case like find out the legitimacy of a website, a special offering, a legal entity. Pls get in touch. We make a special offer for a research report depending on the specific situation.

In addition we plan to open our own whistleblower platform in Q4 2019 and are looking for suitable sponsors. We think whistleblowers are a legitimate and appropriate measure to fight cybercrime.

We currently have no price list. Packages are priced individually according to requirements.

We are selective in the selection of our sponsors in the interest of the unbiased nature of our reporting. In this respect, we reserve the right to reject sponsors without giving reasons. In the event of conflicts of interest, we also expressly reserve the right not to write any editorial reports about sponsors. We also reserve the right to terminate existing sponsor agreements if conflicts of interest arise during the cooperation.

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