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The Cointed – Optioment Connections

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The Optioment investment scheme is probably one of the largest scams that happened so far in the Bitcoin environment. According to several reports and some criminal claims more than 10,000 investors may have lost more than EUR 100 million. The Vienna-based law firm Lansky, Ganzger & Partner represents 70 investors and filed a complaint with the Austrian prosecution office early March 2018. In this claim it is puported that the Austrian entrepreneur Christopher RIEDER is one of the masterminds behind the Optioment scheme. RIEDER is the co-founder of Cointed, an Crypto-ATM and crypto-exchange operator. One of the other co-founders of Cointed, the Austrian Charli AHO, is also named as co-founder and CEO of the Austrian crypto-mining company Crypto Unity OG.

AHO, too, is one of the co-founders if Swiss-based Swiss Crypto Group AG, a company that allegedly provides mining and payment services to Cointed. Since 2016 RIEDER and AHO obviously developed an intransparent global network of companies. The graphics above presents some of the connections that become even more complicated if you dig deeper. Actually, it’s a global network stretching from Asia over Europe to the Caribbean.

Our investigation will be continued. We already sent out questionaires to involved people, lawyers and authorities.


  1. avigad saadia avigad saadia June 23, 2018

    I got scammed… Please help

    • Charlene Charlene June 23, 2018

      Hi there, how can we help you? We are here support investors. Please send us an email to [email protected] with details.

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